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Michel Chossudovsky
The Globalization of Poverty

Jerry Mander and Edward Goldsmith
The Case Against the Global Economy and for a Turn Toward the Local

Richard Douthwaite
Short Circuit, Strengthening Local Economies for Security In an Unstable World

Sharon Beder
Global Spin, the Corporate Assault on Environmentalism

William Greider
One World Ready Or Not, the manic Logic of Global Capitalism

Steven Gorelick a kol., Small is Beautiful, BIG is Subsidized
How Our Taxes Contribute to Social and Environmental Breakdown

David C. Korten
When Corporations Rule The World

David C. Korten
The Post Corporate World Life after Capitalism

Jan Keller
Až na dno blahobytu

Jan Keller
Nedomyšlená společnost

Jan Keller
Šok z ekologie

Jan Keller
Abeceda prosperity

Ronaldo Munch and Denis O´Hearn
Critical Development Theory, Contribution To a New Paradigm

Russell Mukhiber and Robert Weissman
Corporate Predators - The Hunt for Megaprofits and the Attack on Democracy


George Soros
The Crisis of Global Capitalism

Walden Bello
Dragons In Distress - Asian Miracle, Economies in Crisis

WIDER and Macmillan Press
Transnational Corporations and the Global Economy

Herman E. Daly
For The Consumer Good, Redirecting the Economy Toward Community, the Environment, and a Sustainable Future

Michel Chossudovsky
The Globalization of Poverty

E. F. Schumacher
Small Is Beautiful, Economics As If People Mattered

Oxfam International
Rigged Rules and Double Standards

Friends Of The Earth International and Corporate Europe Observatory
Bussiness rules: who pays the price?

Predominant part of the data sources was borrowed from The Center for Environmental Public Advocacy (CEPA)