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Our world has begun, unnoticed, to change. States' governments have an ever-weaker influence on the economies and stability of their own countries. And our elected representatives have ever-smaller possibilities for truly deciding on matters that are vital for both us and them. There is less and less one can do to fight for one?s rights. The council members-elected by no-one-of multinational corporations have begun deciding on our fates.


Do you find multinational corporations and their power overwhelming?

Have the feeling that you cannot influence them yourself?

We have similar feelings too, but we have still decided to do at least the little that we can.


what you can do


Support EPS actively.
Offer your abilities, experience, knowledge, and talent to aid EPS.

Not able to offer the above, but still want to help?
Then support our activities financially:
account number: 471298763/0300
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what is the Environmental Law Service (ELS)

  • a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organization of lawyers and law students.
  • defending the rights of citizens and the environment in the Czech Republic using the tools provided by law
  • working to influence the preparation of legislation, the legal community, and law students to protect public interests, especially the environment and human rights

the Environmental Law Service is working to achieve

  • democratic, just, and open decision-making by state authorities;
  • better access to justice for citizens when using the law to defend public interests;
  • easy and fast access to information for citizens;
  • involvement of law-school students in publicly beneficial activities;
  • opening up discussion on burning issues regarding legal protection of public interests; working to solve them.

contact us


The Environmental Law Service - Ekologický právní servis
GARDE programme
Dvořákova 13
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic


tel: +420 545 575 229
fax: +420 542 213 373
e-mail: brno@eps.cz
URL: www.responsibility.cz www.eps.cz